Know the Types of Jackpots

If you are an ardent gambler or have never stepped into a casino, you are familiar with the term jackpot, and it is the prime reason why people gamble. But all jackpots are not the same; if you introspect, you will find different kinds of jackpots—the progressive jackpot of video poker and slot machine functions in a different manner than standalone ones. If you want to win the pot of gold, the first step is to สมัครw88 which gives membership to play casino games of wide varieties.

Flat jackpots

These pots remain unaffected by the number of spins players make. The jackpot amount remains the same irrespective of the plays; often, this type of jackpot is moderate and sticks to one machine. Mostly flat jackpots are associated with small casinos, standalone machines at pubs.

Standalone progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpots increase in the amount of the prize with every bet. A portion of every bet is added to this jackpot. A standalone progressive jackpot is coupled with a single machine. Some are not standalone. The jackpot is allied with several machines forming a gaming network, making a bigger pot.

Wide area jackpots

The progressive jackpot gets augmented with every bet, and a major part comes from players who spend considerable time in gambling. Many a time, in-house jackpots are not big enough to attract high flyer gamblers; if you want a fortune good enough to turn your dreams into reality, then wide-area jackpots are the only available way. With every beat, the pot gets fuller, as several machines are linked together on a wide area network than a mere casino floor. Sometimes the network covers several casino houses across the states. Wide area jackpots often offer the largest pot to video poker and slot players.

Though there are several gambling machines that offer a progressive jackpot, the most rewarding and exciting one is progressive slot jackpots. Slots games are easy to play; you just have to pull the arm or click on the button. There is a lot of fanfare, flashing lights, jingling bells when a player wins something. You may feel apprehended when you walk around the blackjack or poker tables; gentlemen with extravagant suits with grim faces play the card game. But around a slot machine, you will find happy faces in anticipation of a big win or for winning a moderate amount. The excitement and hope make many people revisit online and land-based slot machines.