What Beginners Seldom Know About Playing Fire Joker in an Online Casino?

One of the biggest advantages of playing online poker is its versatility. Whether you play just for fun or play to earn big, the online casinos have something to treat you with. For example, if you are looking for something that has all the fire, and is super-fast-paced with impressive maximum bets, then fire joker could be a perfect choice. And when you find a website that offers engaging gameplay and catches visuals, then you might just get glued to the fantasizing game experience. Now all you need is to learn about the game.

The Winning Symbols

This is a three-reel game where you will get paid on the basis of the bet that you stalked by the line. However, only the player who gets the highest win would get paid. You can land on as many as five symbols to win the game. They are:

  • Blue X
  • Lemon
  • Cherries
  • Plums
  • Grapes

All these symbols can give you as much as 2-7 times if your betting amount. However, the above-mentioned symbols are low-paying symbols. If you want some real fun, then you can consider the higher-paying symbols. For example, you can go for:

  • Three golden bars can get you as much as 15 times the bet.
  • Three golden stars give you about 20 times the bet.
  • Lucky number 7’s can even give you about 25 times the bet.

There is one more super symbol. It is the Fire Joker symbol that can give you up to 80 times the bet amount. This cheeky joker can appear in just about any position in any of the reels.

The Gameplay

The layout of this online casino game has all the 3 C’s- clarity, compactness, and color. The vibrant layout would navigate your path with ease. While the game is on, you can find a number of helpful functions, such as the auto spin and spin buttons right at the screen bottom. There are also an array of other useful functionalities, all well highlighted in golden tinge.

The Best Features

Some of the most loved features of Fire Joker include:

  • Flaming re-spin: it activates if any of the two reels you play have no winning lines to pay. With its help, you can re-spin for free on the third reel. While doing so, your already stacked symbol would remain unmoved.
  • Bonus wheel: this can give you as much as 800x of your bet.
  • Land wilds: offer the more winning possibility.

However, this online casino game does not offer any progressive jackpot feature.

The Bet Amount

At a maximum, you can bet with 100 coins at a go. However, while getting started, you can start betting with an amount as small as 0.05 coin.

Who Should Play?

You can play online Fire Joker if you are:

  • Looking for something which is fast, fun and profit bearing.
  • Searching for games that are straightforward to play.
  • Playing as a beginner, and would prefer something that you can play even on a smartphone while on the go.

Finally, don’t forget to find an online casino partner that honors your trust.